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Futuristic Thriller


Remember the TV series STAR TREK? This book was my nod to that show because of its episodic nature. You never knew where in the universe you were going with Captain Kirk & Crew and, although I didn't have the luxury of having access to the Milky Way, I still wanted our Earth to be a place of both wonder and fear.


ISBN-13: 978-0974106793

Paris Hilton and Lady Gaga are dead. So is the President. Psytrance parties rage as Palm Springs burns. Police and fire departments are gone. Martial law is imposed to deal with the riots but the military is overwhelmed when Mexicans storm the border to fly their flag over Imperial Beach. Warlords battle private security forces for control of coastal towns. Power, gas, and water are luxuries. Hummers and motor coaches are obsolete. The internet and cells are inoperative. Wi-Fi is history. Stores have been ransacked. The black market thrives. Teenage gangs go door-to-door looting and killing. Suburbanites must either leave or risk getting slaughtered. Tent cities sprout like mushrooms from the beach into the desert. Welcome to the Prelude to the Apocalypse. Journey with Tony and Evo into the heart of the American Nightmare as they search for safe haven in a world that knows no rules.

Summers on the Lonely Isle

ISBN-13: 978-0974106724

Julia Daniels, a Moloka'i pioneer woman of mixed blood, invites her grandsons Jeff and Ben to spend summers with her at her ranch on the east end. She shares the ranch with Chipper, an alcoholic war hero with a life estate bordering the swamp. The brothers roam a paradise of fishponds, waterfalls, pristine valleys, and mountains with herds of deer. Jeff meets the Kahuna Woman who freezes pictures of her enemies, the TS who seduces the Chief of Police, the man who refs cock fights in Kaunakakai, the sexy divorcee who lives in the Saddle Room, and the prodigal grandfather who returns to woo Julia. These characters help shape Jeff's sensibilities as he discovers the secrets of his grandmother's wild past in Honolulu and the intensity of her struggles on the Lonely Isle.

A Hawaiian Novel

ISBN-13: 978-0974106717

Growing up in Honolulu isn't all it's cracked up to be for Jeffrey Gill. After he gets into prestigious Punahou School, his rite of passage includes losing the babe of his dreams to a creep, surviving Killahaole Day, and getting pushed around by the school bully. In the world of academics, Jeff knows he's hardly Stanford material. Uncle Sharkey teaches Jeff the sweet science and he beefs his arch enemy at Waialae Golf Course. He salvages his senior year by getting into a mainland college and taking a foxy girl to the Senior Prom. But he must wait until graduation night to find out if the feelings he has for her are mutual.

Selected Poems

ISBN-13: 978-0974106786

These poems are concerned with the lives of suburbanites and their secret sufferings alienation, boredom, infertility, and infidelity. Reoccurring family members are threaded through the book, particularly dysfunctional parents who seem oblivious to the pain they re inflicting on their kids. There s excruciating conflict between the narrator and June Spoon, an ice queen narcissist jealous of her children's relationships and marriages. And Dadio, who rarely spares the rod, uses his offspring to vent his frustrations as a high-powered attorney. The abusive past haunts the narrator as an adult, where he struggles with self-flagellation trying to make his marriage work. There s beach poetry set in Hawaii and the coastal city of Oceanside, California. The alienation theme continues on the sand and beachfront parking lots, where surfers molest underage girls in vans and beachgoers kill boredom with booze and music. In the end, after a long day of sun, west coasters return to their cars and trucks feeling as isolated and alone as when they first sunk their beach umbrellas into the sand. 

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